Lessons Learned 3: Editing, Peer Review, and Social Media

My past two posts on ‘lessons learned’ in putting together this anthology covered author selection, formatting and setting expectations.  This one will cover peer review, editing, and the use of social media in collaborating on the project. Peer Review There are a few reasons we decided to use a ‘peer review’ process for this anthology.  One is that Sorin had previously participated in a peer review for an anthology, and found that it worked well.  Second, most of our authors were never-published or independently published, and we wanted to give people the opportunity to improve their writing through comprehensive feedback, and through flexing their critical reading muscles :).  It also helped to cut down on editing time.  Furthermore, several of our authors are academics or used to the academic review process, so the group adapted quickly. The peer review process entailed each author having their piece reviewed, critiqued, and where applicable corrected, by…

Lessons Learned 2: Setting Expectations, Contracts, and Formatting

In the last ‘lessons learned‘ post, I wrote about the selection process for the anthology, from call for submissions through to why and how we rejected particular pieces.  This post will look at selection emails and setting time expectations, contracts, and formatting. Setting expectations: time scales In our ‘yay, you’ve been selected!’ emails, we included a more-or-less form email with a timeline as follows (and apologies to any of our authors who thought we wrote them individualised emails and now find themselves disillusioned).  The below email is abridged. We’re happy to inform you that we…have selected you to participate in the Terry Pratchett ‘In Memory’ anthology.  We’ll be sending out a proper contract shortly, so that you can review all expectations. As a quick reminder: All profits will go towards Alzheimer’s Research UK Authors are not expected to contribute to the publishing costs Authors will receive an eBook of the full anthology, and may…

Lessons Learned 1: The Call for Submissions and Selection

Nearly a year after the whole process began, I’m finally getting around to starting the ‘lessons learned’ series for the anthology.  This is going to talk about what the process of the book’s creation actually involved, as well as the things we’ve learned work (and don’t work!) insofar as putting together an indie anthology go.  It was certainly an interesting experience, as I’m sure Sorin will agree!  Of course, ‘lesson learned’ number one is that putting an anthology together in six months is a somewhat ambitious goal.  Don’t do that.  Don’t ever do that.  😀 This part of the series will talk about the call for submissions and selection process we used.  It might be interesting for those who wrote to us, for people who are submitting to other anthologies, and for would-be indie anthologists.  And if ‘anthologists’ isn’t a word, it damn well should be! Firstly, for those who…

Special commemorative edition – call for cover artists!

The team behind In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett are going to release a special commemorative edition of the anthology on March 12.  We are looking for graphic artists who are willing to lend their talents to a new cover design, which will reflect the book’s content and purpose.  It could include something on the theme of ‘memory’, or reflect the stories within the book—it’s up to you! Since all proceeds from this book are going to Alzheimer’s Research UK, we can’t offer any payment, other than good karma and the chance to be involved in something which celebrates the memory of a man who has affected so many of us. The cover must include the authors’ and editors’ names, the Alzheimer’s Research UK logo (there are several types and colour variations which could be used), and, of course, the title. As a general rule, the design should…

Book release day!

The time is finally here—after months of hard work from all of our authors, In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett is available for sale.  To grab your copy, check out the below:  Don’t forget that every penny of the proceeds goes to the fantastic charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, for research into fighting dementia. Below are some of the brilliant reviews we’ve received for the anthology so far.  We hope you enjoy the book! In Memory Reviews Reviews from Goodreads.com

Introducing your authors – round A!

The other day Sorin asked me why on earth we have author announcements ’round one’ and ’round a’.  I explained it’s because both groups are equally awesome! With no further ado, here are the other authors participating in the ‘In Memory’ anthology: Anna Mattaar, Netherlands, www.annamattaar.nl.  Writer for computer games and soon-to-be novelist. Charlotte Slocombe, UK, student and future writing superhero Steven McKinnon, UK, independent author R McK, UK, freelance writer P E, UK, pioneer of the dramatic arts Plus three more who are remaining a mystery for the time being.

Meet your authors (round one!)

Now that acceptances have been sent out, we’re happy to let you know who our authors are.  Round one is below (round ‘A’ will be following shortly!).  We judged submissions based on their quality, not on whether the writer had been published before.  As such, we have a fantastic mix of published and unpublished authors, who are all coming together for this fantastic cause. Michael Schaefer, Germany (new author) Mike Reeves-McMillan, New Zealand (prolific novelist, website: http://csidemedia.com/gryphonclerks/) J E Nice, UK (fantasy and paranormal writer) Caroline Friedel, Germany (scientifically prolific) Chris Drew, UK (new author) Peter Knighton, UK (new author) Jay Vee Choong, Malaysia (published in Esquire Malaysia and KL Noir Yellow) DK Mok, Australia (novels include The Other Tree and Hunt for Valamon, website: http://www.dkmok.com/) Luke Kemp, UK (writer for criticalgamer.co.uk) Faiz Kermani, France (award-winning children’s author, website: http://www.faizkermani.com/) Cristian Englert, Netherlands (novelist, previously published in Romanian) Many of…

All authors have been notified!

All authors who responded to the call for submissions have now been emailed, and all rejections and acceptances sent out.  In the end we had hundreds of submissions, 43 short-listed authors, and 19 selected.  We saw an amazing variety of texts, from people in all kinds of positions and all over the world.  We had to make some very difficult choices due to the high quality of submissions received, and we look forward to producing a truly excellent anthology.

Submission are closed!

Thanks to everybody who submitted their ideas and writing samples.  Further correspondence will be going out in the next few days, so don’t panic if you haven’t heard from us yet. In the interim, this is where our several hundred submissions came from:

Final day for submissions!

It’s the final day for submissions for the anthology, so if you want to take part, get in quick!  We must receive your submission by midnight on May 31st (check the current time here). We’ve received a huge number of fantastic submissions so far, and look forward to producing a truly excellent collection.  We have been using a short-listing process for likely candidates (barring those who have submitted in the last few days), and final selections will be made by June 7.  We are also trying to give feedback to all unsuccessful submissions, so bear with us—it may take us a little time to get to you. – Laura

In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett