Meet your authors (round one!)

Now that acceptances have been sent out, we’re happy to let you know who our authors are.  Round one is below (round ‘A’ will be following shortly!).  We judged submissions based on their quality, not on whether the writer had been published before.  As such, we have a fantastic mix of published and unpublished authors, who are all coming together for this fantastic cause.

  • Michael Schaefer, Germany (new author)
  • Mike Reeves-McMillan, New Zealand (prolific novelist, website:
  • J E Nice, UK (fantasy and paranormal writer)
  • Caroline Friedel, Germany (scientifically prolific)
  • Chris Drew, UK (new author)
  • Peter Knighton, UK (new author)
  • Jay Vee Choong, Malaysia (published in Esquire Malaysia and KL Noir Yellow)
  • DK Mok, Australia (novels include The Other Tree and Hunt for Valamon, website:
  • Luke Kemp, UK (writer for
  • Faiz Kermani, France (award-winning children’s author, website:
  • Cristian Englert, Netherlands (novelist, previously published in Romanian)
Many of our writers will be doing guest blog posts over the upcoming months, so keep an eye out!

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