Introducing your authors – round A!

The other day Sorin asked me why on earth we have author announcements ’round one’ and ’round a’.  I explained it’s because both groups are equally awesome!

With no further ado, here are the other authors participating in the ‘In Memory’ anthology:

  • Anna Mattaar, Netherlands,  Writer for computer games and soon-to-be novelist.
  • Charlotte Slocombe, UK, student and future writing superhero
  • Steven McKinnon, UK, independent author
  • R McK, UK, freelance writer
  • P E, UK, pioneer of the dramatic arts

Plus three more who are remaining a mystery for the time being.

By Laura May

Laura is an Australian who keeps forgetting she's meant to stay in the same place. She loves adventures--which is good, because she's constantly winding up in the middle of them. When she's not accidentally finding herself in the middle of a riot, being tear-gassed or jumping into frozen rivers, she enjoys sailing, snowboarding, and making an obnoxious number of puns. You can follow Laura and her latest adventures at, or check her out on Goodreads (

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