Book launch in Cambridge

Do you live anywhere near Cambridge (UK)? Come join us for the official book launch on November 28, to chat with the authors and pick up a copy of the book if you don’t have one yet. Even though not all of the seventeen authors will be there (the ones who’d have to travel halfway around the world will not), this might still be your only chance to see such a large number of our authors gathered in one place, so don’t miss this unique opportunity!

The event takes place in the centre of Cambridge, in the Central Library. Feel free to drop in at any time between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about the anthology, the authors, or the charity, or just chat about our favourite Pratchett books. Everyone is welcome, so tell your friends!

Our official Facebook event page can be found here:

By Anna Mattaar

Anna Mattaar has written stories ever since she knows how words work. She went to art school, where she studied something complicated about games and theatre. This helped her look at storytelling from several interesting new angles, but somehow she keeps returning to the written word. She lives in a small town in the Netherlands and is currently writing for a computer game and trying to finish the first draft of her debut fantasy novel.

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