Special commemorative edition – call for cover artists!

The team behind In Memory: A Tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett are going to release a special commemorative edition of the anthology on March 12.  We are looking for graphic artists who are willing to lend their talents to a new cover design, which will reflect the book’s content and purpose.  It could include something… Continue reading Special commemorative edition – call for cover artists!

Binding ‘In Memory’ — Part 2

The Leather Cover Let’s be honest: when we think of beautiful, impressive books that will outlast the centuries, we think of tomes: heavy, leather-bound books that look like something Gandalf would peruse. The leather cracked from old age and adorned with gold decorations. Their exterior reflecting the worth of the words and wisdom inside. Now, I’m afraid… Continue reading Binding ‘In Memory’ — Part 2

In Memory