Hunt for Valamon

Hunt for Valamon
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: Our Authors' Books
Publisher: Spence City
Length: 400 pages
ISBN: 9781939392268

When Prince Valamon is mysteriously abducted, reclusive cleric Seris is charged with his rescue. Leaving behind his cheerfully book-infested temple, he must venture into the wild, unconquered lands and uncover the truth behind the vanished prince before simmering tensions in the empire erupt into war.

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About the Book

When Prince Valamon is impossibly taken from the heart of Algaris Castle, the only clue as to motive or culprit is the use of unknown sorcery.

Reclusive cleric Seris is happily tending to his book-infested temple when he finds himself recruited to the politically compromised rescue mission. His sole companion on the journey is Elhan, a cheerfully disturbed vagrant girl with terrifying combat skills and her own enigmatic reasons for seeking the prince.

Venturing into the wild, unconquered lands, Seris has no fighting prowess, no survival skills, and no charisma, as Elhan keeps pointing out. Armed only with a stubborn streak and creative diplomacy, he must find a way to survive outlaw towns, enchanted tropical isles, and incendiary masquerades, all without breaking his vow to do no harm.

Chasing rumours of rising warlords and the return of the vanished sorcerers, Seris and Elhan soon discover a web of treachery and long-buried secrets that go far beyond a kidnapped prince.

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