Binding ‘In Memory’ — Part 2

The Leather Cover Let’s be honest: when we think of beautiful, impressive books that will outlast the centuries, we think of tomes: heavy, leather-bound books that look like something Gandalf would peruse. The leather cracked from old age and adorned with gold decorations. Their exterior reflecting the worth of the words and wisdom inside. Now, I’m afraid… Continue reading Binding ‘In Memory’ — Part 2

The unforgiving minute

Richard Smith, a former editor of the British Medical Journal, recently wrote: “The long, slow death from dementia may be the most awful as you are slowly erased, but then again when death comes it may be just a light kiss” [1]. Before it takes your body, dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, steals away your mind… Continue reading The unforgiving minute

And now, for a story

My uncle had Alzheimers. (Get back here, I’ll be quick!) Waaaay back then it wasn’t called Alzheimers or dementia. We brushed it off as him just being silly. He would call up his brother-in-law and talk about past events as if it happened yesterday. I remember once he took a night bus to another state,… Continue reading And now, for a story

In Memory