The Who and Why

Hi! My name is Michael, nice to meet you. You have found this blog, so you must love stories – I know we’ll get along just fine. As this is my first post in the blog, I think it makes sense to write about why I’m contributing to this anthology. Writing this post is a… Continue reading The Who and Why

My first post

My name is Charlotte.  It’s probably too early in my life to ask me who and what I expect to be in 10 years time because I honestly don’t know. But for now I’m going to tell you about what I love. Writing. It’s that simple. I love writing and how it makes me feel… Continue reading My first post

School to desired temperature: Mr Moody

Generally speaking, it is the memories you don’t remember that define you. I’m not talking about traumatic experiences that are suppressed in the mind and then go on to shunt a personality one of several ways, although that can sometimes happen (and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been watching a lot of Dexter… Continue reading School to desired temperature: Mr Moody

Terry Pratchett: Neither gone nor forgotten

Hello. My name’s Luke Kemp, or at least that’s what my parents tell me. Through what I can only presume is a series of mistakes similar to those leading to Mr Bean vandalising Whistler’s Mother, I have been allowed to contribute a story to this upcoming anthology. Remember, 100% of profits go to Alzheimer’s Research… Continue reading Terry Pratchett: Neither gone nor forgotten

Recipe no. 231

OK, let me bite the bullet here. What kind of story can you write for an anthology dedicated to the memory of Terry Pratchett? How do you honour a person that meant so much to you, a person that educated you, soothed you, made you laugh out loud and made you hide a little inner… Continue reading Recipe no. 231

In Memory