The Cover Artist

For the new ‘Special Edition’ version of In Memory, released Marsh 2016, we needed a special new cover.  We put out a call to the fan community and its wildly talented artists, and after some fantastic entries, selected Spanish artist Dámaso Gómez.  You can find a short biography below, and contact him for commissions via email.

Dámaso is a bona fide bookworm and secret epicurean who suffers from an excessive imagination, a burning passion for nature, and an unforgiving penchant for art. He’s rarely seen without a backpack containing a sketchbook, drawing tools, and a book.

He often works with musicians, for whom he designs album covers and band logos. He is also an artistic painter, mural painter, and an accomplished illustrator.

Dámaso lives in a small town near Valencia, Spain, but given a choice he would readily relocate to the Ramtop Mountains.

In Memory